AI Based Condition Monitoring

M-DR Iot is able to detect electrical faults, abnormalities of the connection cables, terminal blocks, changes in the load and supply and mechanical faults of various types of industrial equipment driven by a three-phase AC motor

When motors do not operate effectively then reduced productivity
and energy inefficiency will increase business costs

Our IoT solution is predictive and will accurately analyse and report the condition of most 3-phase motor to identify problems before they impact business activities

>  The IoT Solution provides a management structure for expensive or mission – critical motors
>  Understanding the NEED for intervention on motors will create an efficient planning model
>  Costs associated to maintenance can be quantified
>  The incidents of downtime from mechanical failure to mitigated
>  Energy efficiencies are achievable through our M-DR IoT solution

Machinery and asset failures often occur randomly and do not necessarily have an age-related failure pattern

M-DR IoT automatically and accurately diagnoses the state of the equipment in real-time and notifies management with the specific point of fault or inefficiency

Easy Installation

Connect 2-sets of sensors between the motor and the motor distribution board

No physical changes are applied to the existing motor installation

The IoT features mean that the system can be monitored and managed remotely over a secure encrypted network

Easy Interpretation

M-DR Iot sends real-time data directly to REACH™ platform.

Clear reporting indicated whether the motor is performing effectively, or not, and why

Detailed Direction

REACH™ platform hosts all technical interpretation for action.

Clear reporting directs where intervention is required

Energy Effective

Motors that consume the most power in the industrial field often run at low efficiency during long-term operation. If the efficiency of such motors are managed properly it can reduce energy consumption.

M-DR IoT has a built-in high performance power quality measurement function for electrical signal analysis

Cost Savings

The main benefits accruing from the M-DR IoT are;

Reduced operations downtime
Increase lifetime of motors
Maintain high productivity
Improve energy efficiency
Reduce incidence of accidents

Qualified Engineers

Syscom’s engineers and software professionals can bring all systems and controls together through applications based on leading open source standards to improve building functionality and reduce costs