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implementation of the wireless Communication solution for the Sharjah Municipality by Syscom

“Sharjah Municipality: Improving Industrial Communication with a Wireless Solution​”

The Sharjah Municipality operates a large and complex industrial infrastructure that requires efficient communication between the various machines, equipment, and processes. However, the existing communication system was based on a fibre optic network that was susceptible to cable cuts and disruptions. This resulted in frequent downtime and reduced efficiency in the operations

SYSCOM was approached by the Sharjah Municipality to propose an alternate solution to overcome their communication challenges. After conducting a thorough assessment and site survey, an industrial wireless solution was proposed based on the initiative from Sharjah Municipality

The wireless Communication system connects 27 locations to the control room, providing a fast and secure network for the connection In case of FO disruption, the system can automatically switch to the wireless network. This minimizes downtime and ensures continuous connection to the Central Command Centre.

In addition, the wireless communication system is ready for future expansions of the system. As the industrial processes evolve and new technologies are introduced, the network can be easily scaled to accommodate the changing requirements. ​

The implementation of the wireless Communication solution for the Sharjah Municipality demonstrates our ability to provide innovative and reliable solutions for our customers. By solving a critical communication challenge and delivering significant benefits, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them in the future. No doubt, this would not have been achieved without the vision of Sharjah Municipality. Their interest and trust on the latest technologies and a strong reliable Control Systems team, open and interested to implement the latest trends in the industry​

Project :
Implementation of the wireless communication solution
End User:
Sharjah Municipality