High Service Block – Totalizing System
 Client: Hammad Medical Corporation
System/Scope: Control of Generator Breakers and outgoing breakers Supply and Commissioning of PLC Control system for Generator Incoming & Outgoing Breakers
 Generator Control System for PCVL
 Client: Petronas
 Application: Generator Control Panel
 System/Scope: PLC & HMI System enclosed in Explosion Proof Enclosures
 AMF for ESU3, PSS16 & PSS 17 MDB at Al Maktoum International Airport
 Client: Dubai Airport, UAE
 Application: Power Monitoring and Control
 System/Scope: PLC & SCADA System
 Power Monitoring & Control System for Sidra Medical and Research Center
 Client: Sidra Medical and Research Center
 Application: Power Monitoring and Control
 System/Scope: Redundant PLC & SCADA System for 8 locations with 172 Remote I/O Systems
 Electrical Monitoring and Control System at Al-Ansab Sewage Treatment Plant
 Client: Haya Water, Oman
 Application: Power Monitoring and Control
 System/Scope: PLC & SCADA System for Power Monitoring
 Automatic Monitoring and Load Shedding for Al-Maktoom International Airport Airside MDB
 Client: Dubai Airport, UAE
 Application: Power Monitoring and Control
 System/Scope: PLC & HMI System for Power Monitoring
 Automatic Sequence Control & Load Sheding for Abu Dhabi New Area Nevigation System
 Client: Abu dhabi Airport, UAE
 Application: Power Monitoring and Control
 System/Scope: PLC & SCADA System for Load Shedding, AMC Contract
 Power Monitoring & Control System for Beirut Tunnel under Dubai Airport
 Client: RTA, UAE
 Application: Power Monitoring & Control
 System/Scope: Redundant PLC System for Power Management of MDB & MCC Panels at 18 locations.