SCADA technologies are evolving every day, generating faster and more reliable means of communications. Syscom, with its expertise on various SCADA products, can design a SCADA solution fit for the application. The remote communication is necessary to relay data from remote RTU/PLCs, which are out in the field, to the SCADA host located at the field office or central control centre. With assets distributed over a large geographical area, communication is the linking part of a SCADA system and essential to its operation. SCADA systems have exploited the various technological advances to drive forward their proficiency

The drive of modern SCADA systems is to:

  • Provide automation and RTUs/PLCs for asset or process solutions that can be easily managed and to provide operational benefits from the SCADA host down to the instrumentation, not just in terms of controlling and retrieving data but also engineering, implementing, operating and maintaining these assets
  • Developing and employing open standards to further ease the integration of assets within a SCADA system using best practices defined by open groups and not a single manufacturing entity. This will reduce the cost of owning SCADA
  • Provide secure environments for SCADA systems and the assets or processes by not only providing technology solutions but by implementing a series of practices and procedures

Syscom has also designed and engineered SCADA systems using various means of communication:
Radio Link
Telephone Lines
Fibre Optic Cable
Satellite Links

The SCADA systems designed by Syscom are based on the client’s requirements. However, most of our systems support report by exception and the RTUs have sufficient memory to store data locally, in case of communication failure

SCADA as an IIoT gateway

For larger remote networks, organisations may benefit from using a SCADA system as an ‘edge’ device to marshal and securely transfer data to the IT environment.  Using a SCADA system as an OT / IT gateway utilizing the MQTT IIoT data transfer protocol would be a highly scalable data gateway, which would scale from marshalling 100 to 10,000 IIoT devices

Syscom has designed and engineered SCADA systems for various applications such as: