Water Network Management

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For reliable and efficient operation of your water distribution

Aquis is the most advanced, water-specific software that enables SCADA operators to optimize water distribution networks in real-time. Aquis gives the operator full overview of all aspects of his distribution network. This will provide operational understanding of bottlenecks and potential performance of the network


Aquis Water Network Management

  • Visual notification of alarms and events. Alarm set points for all parameters can be configured
  • Quickly toggle between different areas of your network
  • Quickly toggle between what you want to monitor – pressure, consumption, water age, etc
  • Bird’s eye view allows for quick maneuvering and overview
  • Configurable hotkeys
  • Menu access to advanced functionality such as reporting, etc
  • View data from the past, the present or the future
  • Search for objects in your model
  • The view of your network is fully flexible, easy to navigate and can present data in any way you like. Point and click to access data from reservoirs, junctions, valves, etc
  • Insert custom objects, such as legends, to give you the information you need, when you need it





Aquis reduces operation and energy costs associated with water distribution activities by providing operators with information about the impact of planned and unplanned events, even before they happen through real-time network behavior forecasting capabilities.

Measurable results:

  • Up to 15% reduction in non-revenue water (NRW)
  • Up to 20% reduction in energy costs
  • Up to 20% reduction of CO2

Aquis is in daily operation in 1500 cities worldwide, and provides clean water to more than 100 million homes


Optimize water distribution network operations

Aquis gives the operator a number of immediate benefits in terms of better overview and improved operation of the network.

  • Reduces operation & maintenance risks and costs: Predict the network behaviour and see what will happen before it happens
  • Reduces energy use and cost while ensuring the level of service
  • Improves service and planning: Plan ahead and save time and money
  • Builds on your existing data and IT: Gives existing software systems new functionalities
  • Easy to use: No in-depth hydraulic knowledge needed
  • Augmented reality: Reaches where SCADA does not get with virtual sensors and network wide monitoring
  • What-if scenarios to see operation & maintenance impacts in advance, making easier to choose the best option for a smooth and risk less operation
  • Water quality monitoring and early warning on pollution/bad quality cases to reduce health threatening events.
  • Pump and reservoir optimization to reduce energy cost and use
  • Integration with Schneider Electric and third party SCADA systems

Experience the benefits of Aquis directly from your Schneider Electric SCADA: Online Network Optimization

SoftwareHydraulic Modeling

Schneider Electric paves the way to sustainability with hydraulic modeling software for water network and district energy networks management

Aquis Water Network Management is a hydraulic modeling tool which simulates the flow and pressure in your distribution network. Unlike other tools, Aquis Water Network Management uses realtime data to analyse and track the current situation, enabling operators to make better and smarter decisions to optimise production and enhance economic performance


Add-on modules for further optimisation

Leak Detection – Pipelines

Leak detection and leak location module for transmission pipelines. Leaks are identified based on real-time flow and pressure measurements at inlets and offtakes. When zones with leaks are identified by the leak detection system, an alarm is forwarded to the SCADA system so that action can be taken immediately to resolve the issue

Pressure Optimisation

Automatically combines the information from the SCADA system and the model to provide advice for optimal pressure operation of the network. Any reduction of pressure in the distribution network will have immediate and significant impact on the leakage and burst rate in the network

Pump & Reservoir Optimisation

Helps you determine how the pumps in a distribution/transmission network should operate at any given time. By combining pump efficiency, energy costs and water consumption, Aquis Water Network Management Pump and Reservoir Optimisation can provide savings of up to 20% of the pumping costs